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CA0052 Series / TRS to 9-Pin Cables

Aurora offers 4 different cables to interface our TRS jacks to 9-pin serial devices/ports.

The cables are 3 feet long.

F2T3R / F3T2R

M2T3R / M3T2R

F / M = Female or Male 9-pin on the CA0052 Series cable.

2/3T = Pin 2 or 3 is  Transmit (Tip-to-9pin).

2/3R = Pin 2 or 3 is Receive (Ring-to-9pin).

Ground is Sleeve-to-pin5.


In the below example, the Epson projector has a Male 9-pin. The projector pinout is:

Pin 2 = Rx

Pin 3 = Tx

Pin 5 = Gnd

The cable required in this case would be:  F2T3R

F = Female

2T = Pin 2 is our Tx to their Pin 2 Rx.

3R = Pin 3 is our Rx to their Pin 3 Tx.

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