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IPAD Control Page: Feedback Issue

IPAD Control Page:

I have an iPad running Safari in Guided Access mode displaying a webpage from a QXP-2. I created the page in YIPI5. Everything works well, but after the iPad goes to sleep, when it is woke up again, it sends commands correctly, but it does not read the status of the variables correctly unless I back out of Guided Access and reload the page again. Is there a way to force a refresh every so often in order for it to work correctly after it wakes up? Or do you have any other suggestions?

You can periodically refresh the page, but the timing may cause further issues. Below is the sample code, you would need to go into the exported YIPI project folder, and open index.html in a text editor. Add this code in the first few lines, near where the other "" tags are: In that code, the "20" represents refreshing every 20 seconds, URL is the URL of your control project. My concerns with doing it this way are that the timer could fire in the middle of when you are using the page, causing the page to refresh during use. A better way of doing this would be to add a button to the YIPI project that would effectively refresh the page. For instance, you could add a "Wake Up" button to each page. To do this, simply add a "Navigate to URL" command to the button, where the URL would be the URL of the project.. If you want to get fancy, after a period of inactivity, you could send the interface back to the logo screen, then give them a button "Click here to start". To do this is a bit complicated, you would have to have a timer counting down in the Event Manager, then, every button press would reset the timer variable. When the timer hits a certain threshold (seconds of inactivity), it would set the page tracking variable to the control page.

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