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DXW Series Wall plates: Detecting Active and Loss-of video

Detecting presense and loss of video:

The DXW-2 (as of FW 1.21) reports the presence of, and loss of video.

The following feedback commands can be used for possible system automation

via control system.


Reporting Video:

When VGA or HDMI is connected, the DXW will send "~BP1,cr>" or "~BP2<cr>".

This data is also sent upon selecting/pressing the input buttons on the wall plate.


Reporting Loss of Video:

Using the "Cable Discconnect Timer String" command, you can program a meesage to be sent

from the DXW via either/both com ports, after loss of both VGA and HDMI signals.


Example Configuration:

Send message via Com1 (HDBT) "No Video<cr>" after 5 seconds.  Format command like this:

!20CS1,5,No Video%0d<cr>


See attached for additional examples...


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